The Kip Difference

At Kip McGrath Selby we help children aged five years and upwards with all levels of English and Maths.

What makes us special

Every concept in the Kip McGrath curriculum is taught in a bespoke manner, systematically and the student works through each topic area until they have caught up to their year level. This approach is thorough, structured and successful. Our dedicated teachers are continuously adapting the Kip McGrath curriculum to align it to the national curriculum and your child’s needs.

A wonderful thing about Kip McGrath Selby is that the teacher has time to build a solid relationship with your daughter or son and can help develop their confidence and pride. We know how important self-esteem is to progress and learning. The bespoke system provides access and helps a broad spectrum of children with varied needs and abilities, from those that require additional support to those who are excelling.

Educationally sound

We combine traditional teaching models with the latest technology and convenience. All our resources are in line with the National Curriculum.

Week Sessions

Your child will attend at least one session per week focusing on either English or Maths. Personalised Tutoring Programmes – We know that every child learns differently. Every tutoring programme is personalised to suit the needs of the child.

Book a FREE Assessment

A free assessment will determine how your child is really doing in class.

If you think your child needs help, trust your intuition.

Book a FREE Assessment

If you think your child needs help, trust your intuition.

Giving Confidence

Hear how Kip Builds Confidence from one of our students

Online Learning

A parents view of our online learning platform

The Kip

Proven methodology

Qualified teachers

Personalised learning

International reputation

Unique assessment process

Blended learning

Suitable for dyslexic students

Student-led learning

Build confidence and self-esteem

Structured methodical programmes