About us

At Kip McGrath Selby we help children aged five years and upwards with all levels of English and Maths.

Who are Kip McGrath Selby

At Kip McGrath Selby we have team of highly experienced teachers, with over 200 years of teaching between us. Your child will be matched up with a teacher who will be able to meet their needs, we have Primary Specialists in Reading, English and Maths, Secondary English Specialists and Secondary Maths.

Meet the Team

Ruth Hodgson

Centre Director

Education and teaching has always been a great passion of mine ever since a teacher at secondary school inspired me to succeed and showed real belief in my ability that I was good enough to go to university and become a teacher; since then I have never looked back.

I have over 25 years teaching experience in various educational settings – I started my teaching career working in an international school in Qatar teaching primary and secondary school children and from there I moved to work in a secondary school near Doncaster. I bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to Kip McGrath Selby, having been a teacher for 25 years and a GCSE and A-Level exam marker.

Outside of Kip McGrath Selby I have three dogs: two chocolate Labradors and one cocker spaniel. The cocker spaniel is called Mavis and she is the official Kip dog, often in the centre sleeping next to students and helping them focus on their studies – she is very good at calming some of the autistic students we have in the centre.

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Pete Hodgson

Centre Director

I am the man behind the scenes; if something needs doing, I do! When we took on the office in Selby, we had a blank canvas and from that I built the centre you see today. The walls needed to be painted, the office needed to be built, the ethernet cables needed to be wired, the security cameras put up – you name it, if it needs doing, I am the man doing it.

You will often see me round and about the centre on a Saturday morning, greeting parents, chatting with you whilst your child takes the FREE assessment. I am available to answer questions as well about the tuition whilst the assessment take place.

I have a grown-up child who found some parts of his GCSEs difficult and Ruth was there tutoring him in that subject which resulted in my son achieving an A in English. Ruth and I love walking in the Dales with the dogs. I have a passion for road cycling and when the weather is fine, we both get the bikes out and cycle.

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Victoria Ramskill

Primary Tutor &
Marketing Assistant

Having been brought up in a family of teachers, mum, aunt and godmothers, it was a natural progression after my English and Geography degree to complete a Primary PGCE, at Leeds Metropolitan University. 

I have taught in York, Hull and worked as a supply teacher in- the local area schools including Howden, Riverside Special School in Goole and those in the central Selby district.

I have always enjoyed supporting those with additional needs and building confidence in my students. I have also worked with young adults with learning difficulties and as an outreach worker with Selby District Vision, a charity that supports those with visual impairment and blindness. I am an exam invigilator at a local secondary school also.

Outside of Kip I have been married to my husband for 21 years. We have 3 children aged 13, 15 and 18, two of who have needed extra help with sensory processing and auditory processing disorder. I have a German Shepherd called Stella and a cocker spaniel called Skye who I enjoy walking. I love to bake and cook for my family too.

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Nicola Corban

Primary Tutor

Being a primary school teacher has always been a passion of mine, ever since I was inspired by my Year 3 teacher. She showed me my true potential and that I can achieve any dreams I have. It is from this that I put the wheels in motion to enable me to fulfil my dreams of becoming a teacher. I completed a BTEC National Diploma in Early Years at College, then moved on and completed a BA Honours Degree in Primary Education 5-7 Years with QTS at university.

I have been teaching for seven years in a primary school. I have taught Years 1 and 3 but I have also had experience working in Years 5 and 6 as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant when I returned from maternity leave after having my son in 2018.

I bring experience of primary teaching to Kip McGrath having been a primary teacher for seven Years using different strategies and techniques to ensure that all the students in my class succeed to their full potential.

Outside of Kip McGrath I enjoy spending time with my husband and my son who is two-and-a-half. We enjoy walks and experiencing different adventures together. This is why I became a tutor at Kip McGrath, so I was able to focus on my growing family but also continue my passion of teaching children and watching them succeed.

We are currently looking forward to our new baby joining our family in November 2020.  Our son cannot wait to become a big brother.

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Aimée Housecroft

Primary Tutor

I have been passionate about education and allowing each child the same educational opportunities since my later years in primary school. My Year 5 teacher encouraged me to persevere with my learning and taught in a way that allowed me to enjoy subjects that I had previously disliked. Since then, I have been determined to maintain a successful career as a primary teacher.

I am currently in my fourth year of teaching and teach at a primary school based in year 5. I was previously based in Year 6, which I enjoyed as I was able to see children to the end of their primary Years and prepare them for high school.

Outside of my work life, I enjoy catching up with friends and keeping fit. I particularly enjoy running. I also have two pet rabbits, who are very loving, but get jealous of each other when one is given attention before the other.

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Secondary Maths

Studying mathematics has always sparked my enthusiasm for exploration, creativity and challenge. Positive and uplifting teachers both at school and at University inspired me to excel and go on to motivate young people to succeed in mathematics. It is a privilege to instil in students the confidence, resilience, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are vital to success in today’s society and will enable future generations to thrive.

With over 4 years’ experience as a secondary teacher and additional time spent supporting teaching and learning, I have had the honour of supporting learners from a wide variety of backgrounds. As a Kip tutor I have delivered specialist support for KS2 SATS, school entrance exams, KS3 and GCSE. I have also provided a dedicated intervention service to local secondary schools, successfully tutoring students to achieve their goals in examinations. I consider the Kip McGrath model to be ideally suited to improving student progress in mathematics; not only do learners receive an excellent tailored educational package incorporating skill development and targeted exam practice, there is also an outstanding environment of encouragement and support that provides a perfect launch pad for learners to achieve their potential.

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Sara Backhouse

Secondary English

My passion for education and helping young people achieve their potential started early on, when I left sixth form and took a year out, travelling to Italy to work as an au pair for two primary-aged children, one of them with special educational and physical needs.

Then came university and a 15-year career in journalism, where I honed my English skills and gained a reputation for my flawless attention to detail. Wanting to take up a new challenge and make a real difference to the lives of young people, and with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in English language, I decided to retrain and become an English teacher.

That was 11 years ago, and since then I have amassed a wealth of experience in teaching English language and literature at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level, as well as Media and Film Studies at GCSE and A-Level; all at a secondary school in Doncaster. I have also worked for several exam boards in that time, marking GCSE English language and literature for a number of years, and currently work as a senior moderator for A-Level Media Studies practical coursework.
Away from the classroom, like Ruth, I am a keen dog owner with two border collies. I sing in a local choir – which is great for stress relief – and am keen on DIY and home improvement projects. My husband and I have two grown-up children who both still live at home, so family life keeps me busy.

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Ofsted Registered

Kip McGrath Selby offers English and maths tuition in-centre and online.  Our centre is OFSTED registered and all our teachers are fully qualified with at least two years’ experience in the classroom and the majority still work at the chalk face in education. If you are eligible for funding you may be able to claim back up to 70% of the tuition fees.

You can claim back your tuition fees if you qualify for one of these:

Book a FREE Assessment

A free assessment will determine how your child is really doing in class.

If you think your child needs help, trust your intuition.

Book a FREE Assessment

A free assessment will determine how your child is really doing in class.

Learning Maths

Your child will be helped to learn and understand each new maths concept before moving to the next one. They will be supported with activities from computer programs, textbooks, individual tuition and homework to practise each newly introduced maths concept.

Whether your child needs help with:

• Maths basics
• More advanced maths problems
• Understanding new maths concepts
• Progression from KS1 maths right through to KS4
• Tuition for GCSE maths and maths revision

…the Kip McGrath Gateshead Selby maths tutoring programme is the answer to your child’s maths troubles

The Kip

Proven methodology

Qualified teachers

Personalised learning

International reputation

Unique assessment process

Blended learning

Suitable for dyslexic students

Student-led learning

Build confidence and self-esteem

Structured methodical programmes